Streets of Puyallup

A Shadowrun 3e/5e Chronicle

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Streets of Puyallup

Game Overview

loc_barrens1.jpg The Streets of Puyallup is an RPG campaign using the Shadowrun 5th Edition rules published by Catalyst Games Lab. The campaign previously used the 3rd edition of the Shadowrun rules and is currently converting to 5th Edition. The first two major arcs were run by Mainspring, the newest incarnation is being run by Hammermill. A small side campaign focusing around the Coba Courier Service in the same setting was run by Mulekick.

A note to diehard Shadowrun fans: This is our own home campaign, we've taken liberty with some parts of the traditional Shadowrun Storyline in certain instances. The maps of the area do not correspond to actual current day Puyallup locations or streets.

So what is the theme of this game?

We are not Shadowrunners but instead we play a street gang set in the AD 2065 Puyallup Barrens, a zone of former suburbs of Seattle-Tacoma. We sell drugs and pimp whores for a living, but being somewhat responsible gangers, we are actively trying to improve our community. The gang is named the Morning Stars.


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